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Have Black Conservatives infiltrated progressive Black liberal Organizations?

March 22, 2012
BH 418

With the general elections approaching in November, the race for the presidency will be most volatile, in part because of the number of so called Black Conservatives in the mix in an attempt to defeat President Obama. The infiltration has already begun with right wing voices coming from some of the most unforeseen and unanticipated places, including some traditional and long established black organizations, unions and societies.

The reason some of the most vocal African American Republicans give is “we are the party of Lincoln”. But they make me wonder if they mean Abraham Lincoln or George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi party. George Lincoln Rockwell was one of the most significant extremist strategists and ideologists of the postwar period and his strategy is unmistakable a guidebook for some members of the Tea Party, The Republican party, a number of black newspaper columnists and some Black radio talk show hosts.

Black Republicans lately have reminded us that Frederick Douglas and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were Republicans, as well as Booker T. Washington, and Zora Neale Hurston, but they fail to mention that Dr. King campaigned and demonstrated with others to get the 1964 and 1965 Civil Rights legislation signed by a Democratic administration.

I realize and understand everyone has a right to belong to and support any political party they choose, but I was astonished at the almost hate dialogue and in some occasions downright blatant deceptions, falsehoods and dishonesty they publish on the National Black Republican Association website. And let us not overlook the explosive and fiery rhetoric espoused by Lloyd Marcus of the Tea Party, and elected officials like Florida Rep. Allen West, former Oklahoma Rep. J.C. Watts, Herman Cain and Florida's Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll.

A few of the stories from the National Black Republican Association home page are: “The True Unemployment Rate:36 %” by John Hayward; “$5 Trillion and Change-Obama’s four years have seen the highest deficits since 1946”; ‘The Fairness Fraud’ by Thomas Sowell, and “Obama’s Racial Politics” by Walter E. Williams. There are really too many to print here, but please check them out yourself. Some you will find disgusting.

Also on the site you will find: ‘The GOP-The Key to American Prosperity’ and an article by Chidike Okeem titled “Barack Obama and the Betrayal of Black America.’ The website stress “To defeat Barack Obama and the Democrat Party, we Republicans must accomplish this one very important goal – win just 25% of the black vote. That's it. Win 25% of the black vote and we'll beat the Democrats and put an end to Obama's job killing agenda FOREVER.”

Deborah Toler in 1993 wrote in The Public Eye: “the majority of African Americans, Black conservatives generally oppose affirmative action and government minority business set-aside programs, oppose minimum wage laws and rent control laws, oppose any increase in social welfare spending, and oppose vigorous enforcement of voting rights and desegregation regulations. Black conservatives favor the death penalty, privatization of government services, deregulation of business, and voucher systems for public housing and for education.”

Little has changed in eighteen years, and it is important that you keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t let your enemies infiltrate The A. Phillip Randolph Institute, National Black United Front, Blacks In Government, National alliance of Postal and Federal Employees, The Black Women’s Forum, The Black Women’s Network, Africare, Inc., National Black United Fund, One Hundred Black Men, Associated Black Charities, Association of Black Psychologists, Association of Black Sociologists and others who are working for our survival.

We must support organizations like The Organization for Black Struggle, United African People’s Organization, Better Family Life, Inc., PATOY (Paying Attention To Our Youth) , Nation of Islam, Congressional Black Caucus, !00 Black Men, 100 Black Women, Ladies of Distinction, the Urban League, the NAACP, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, African American Historical and Genealogical Society and others that have shown their love and concern for our community. It is not a joke anymore. The suppression of voting rights is already on the battlefield. It is later than you think.

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